Perks of Your Membership

  • A weekly box of fresh organic vegetables available for pick-up or delivery 


  • A diverse mix of nutritious vegetables that change from week to week

  • A bi-weekly newsletter that includes relevant recipes, musings, and photos of the farm you support

  • The opportunity to directly support young farmers. CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture." It's a fantastic way to support a local farm. It provides farmers a nice boost at the beginning of the season and guarantees a home for the produce.


  • Our guarantee: if you're dissatisfied with your share or move away, we'll issue a refund on a pro-rated basis

There are two options for receiving your box

Pick-up Home Delivery 
Cost No Cost Cost relative to your location

Anderson Street Farm       or 

Festival Park Farmers Market

Delivered to Your Home!!!
Day Saturday or Sunday Saturday 

What's in a box?
Below is a sample list of possible vegetables you might expect in you share on a weekly basis. ** NOTE: This is not exactly what you will receive. By joining a CSA you are recognizing that there are many factors week to week, season to season that may challenge our well devised production plan. Mother nature does not always consider our crop plan.



Spinach, radishes, garlic scapes, kale, parsley, arugula


Lettuce, turnips, baby beets, mustard greens, greens mix #1



Spinach, raddish, summer squash, greens mix #2, basil, kale, beets




Swiss Chard, minzuna, carrots, turnips, arugula, summer squash, cucumber

SHARE 5-17

Greens of the week (kale, arugula, greens mix, swiss chard, lettuce, or asian greens) + the following options that are subject to availability:

tomatoes, carrots, turnips, cucumber, onion, beets, eggplant, summer squash, garlic, peppers (sweet and hot)



Lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, leeks, cilantro







Spinach, beet, winter radish  cucumber, parsley, winter greens mix


Arugula, spinach, turnips, thyme, carrots, squash, onion, kale

Note: Most years we take a one week vacation. There will be one week that you may not get your veggies. You will still get 20 weeks worth of food. Communication will come out well in advance.